Jose Mourinho Wants To Be United Man’s Manager For 15 Years

Jose Mourinho Wants To Be United Man’s Manager For 15 Years

Jose Mourinho (54), expressed readiness to gush Manchester United in the long term. He wants to learn from Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I’m ready to train Manchester United for the next 15 years Yes why not?” Jose Mourinho told ESPN on Wednesday (7/19/2017).

Mourinho’s statement sounds surprising because throughout his career menukangi a team, he never lasted more than three seasons. Chelsea (2004-2007) and Real Madrid (2010-2013) became the longest club diarsiteki The Special One.

However, Mourinho assess his desire is not easy to be realized.

“I have to admit that it is very difficult because of the pressure that exists, everyone is putting pressure on managers and people demanding we have to win,” Mourinho said.

“However, the reality is just one team that can win and every year the competition becomes increasingly difficult,” said Mourinho.
Two Man United coaches before Mourinho, David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, could not even exceed two seasons.

However, Mourinho wants to learn from Sir Alex Ferguson, who served as Man United’s manager in the period from 6 November 1986 to 30 June 2013.

According to Mourinho, Ferguson offers consistency to Man United. Evidently, the Red Devils successfully won 38 titles, including 13 Premier League title – first caste English League – in the era of Ferguson.

“I’m entering the second year and I hope to survive by providing the stability that the club wants,” Mourinho said.

“I will try to be worth a long time coach here, which I always try to do every day,” said Mourinho.

So far, Mourinho has been through his first season at Man United with a brilliant. He gave 37 victories, 18 draws, and just swallowed nine defeats for the Dream Theater camp.

The result, Man United is able to become champion Community Shield, League Cup English, and Europa League.


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