Zidane Gives Leaky Problem How Long This Madrid Superstar Will Survive

Zidane Gives Leaky Problem How Long This Madrid Superstar Will Survive

Entrenador Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, ensures there is nothing to discuss about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. The 32-year-old winger is considered Zizou still have a commitment to Los Galacticos and will last at least until two or three seasons ahead.

Since the entangled cases of alleged tax fraud some time ago, Ronaldo’s future has always been a byword. Due to feel embarrassed with all these allegations, the captain of the Portuguese national team is rumored to leave from Madrid that he had defended since 2009.

Manchester United who lifted his name in European football predicted to be one goal that allows for CR7 when it really goes. Not to forget Paris Saint-Germain also come in line about the uncertain situation that hit the four-winner of this Ballon D’Or title.

After the time had subsided because Ronaldo himself was reluctant to open his mouth and disturbed during the holidays, the issue hengkangnya rise again. This is due to meet with Madrid MU in pre-season test match that will take place in the United States. Zidane himself did not feel depressed because of assessing himself already know about the decision of the player.

“It’s been a lot of talking about Cristiano Ronaldo lately, but it will not change much,” said Zidane.

“Every time I talk to him he always relaxes. He will return from his extra vacation on 5 August. I believe if in two or three years we are still with him, “added the French tactician.

MU own camp also seems to believe if Ronaldo will not return to Old Trafford, at least temporarily. Manager Jose Mourinho said if it was impossible they could repatriate Sporting Lisbon’s top academy with the high price that Madrid asked. (Calciomercato)


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