Icardi, Inter Milan’s Not Enough Goal Machine

Icardi, Inter Milan’s Not Enough Goal Machine

Mauro Icardi has been impressive with Inter Milan in four early league matches. The Argentine striker has scored five goals in four games with Inter Milan.

Icardi is very dangerous in the opponent’s penalty box. Of the 12 shots, only one that does not lead to the opponent’s goal. That means, the accuracy kick Icardi is very large, ie 92 percent.

Inter Milan coach, Luciano Spalletti said, Icardi sharpness is needed the team. Spalletti continued, nothing could stop Icardi in the opponent’s penalty box.

“I commend him for his performance and if I was in the opposite box, Icardi could not be stopped, he was deadly,” Spalletti said, quoted from Four Four Two.

Nevertheless, the bald headed coach confirmed, Icardi not perfect as an Inter Milan predator. According to Spalletti, there are still many things that Icardi needs to be the most dangerous predator in Europe.

Not perfect

“There’s still room to fix, I want him to join more team games, he’s got a lot of compliments, but the other players are playing well,” he said.

“Icardi can do a lot of teams for the team, he works as well as we need, but we have to work hard to find team potential, we have to work as a group,” Spalletti said.

On Tuesday (19/09/2017) or Wednesday morning pm, Icardi again become the mainstay of Inter Milan in the face of Bologna at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara in Serie A.


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