Bale Watch Wales vs Ireland Together with his Forthcoming Candidate

Bale Watch Wales vs Ireland Together with his Forthcoming Candidate

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale was present with the fiance’s father Emma Rhys-Jones at Cardiff City Stadium while watching Wales play against the Republic of Ireland in the 2018 World Cup qualifier on Monday (10/10/2017) The match won by Ireland was at once buried the dream of Wales national team to appear in Russia next year.

It is known that Martin Rhys-Jones was jailed for money laundering of $ 2.9 million in the United States in 2016. The 53-year-old man tricked investors into buying stocks that barely sell for very high prices in Britain, the US and Canada.

About 250 people were successfully tricked with investments ranging from about US $ 2,000 to over US $ 360,000.

Being in the iron bars finally makes Rhys-Jones aware of his actions. The Welsh man said he had found God and would live his life as best he could. Not only that, Rhys-Jones also vowed to be a dutiful father and grandfather.

Bale will announce his marriage date with Emma after Rhys-Jones got out of jail 16 months before his planned release date. The wedding is expected to take place next summer.

Bale and Emma were seen together since meeting at Whitchurch High School in Cardiff. Both are known to start dating around the 2000s.

Now, Bale already has two daughters of her love with Emma. Alba Violet who was born in 2012 and Nava Valentina who was born four years later.


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