Giovinco: I want to be called the Italy national team

Giovinco: I want to be called the Italy national team

Toronto FC striker Sebastian Giovinco does not understand why the Italian national team did not call him.

The former Juventus retainer has not performed with Italy since October 2015, which is likely because he competed in MLS which is considered less qualified than football in Europe.

“It’s true that tactically here it is easier and the attackers have plenty of chances to score,” admitted Giovinco.

“From the physical side, MLS is a challenging event, not as simple as that.

“Why am I never called to the national team? It is actually not me who should judge it, I am just trying to get better without any intention to influence things that are out of my control

“Spain call David Villa? Of course there are differences in the criteria they use to evaluate. What can I do? I can not keep silent, I need to work hard!

“It is clear that for a footballer wearing a national team uniform and winning with the national team is a great achievement.

“What I can do now is keep going and give everything to the club.”

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