Icardi, Inter Milan’s Not Enough Goal Machine

Icardi, Inter Milan’s Not Enough Goal Machine

Mauro Icardi has been impressive with Inter Milan in four early league matches. The Argentine striker has scored five goals in four games with Inter Milan.

Icardi is very dangerous in the opponent’s penalty box. Of the 12 shots, only one that does not lead to the opponent’s goal. That means, the accuracy kick Icardi is very large, ie 92 percent.

Inter Milan coach, Luciano Spalletti said, Icardi sharpness is needed the team. Spalletti continued, nothing could stop Icardi in the opponent’s penalty box.

“I commend him for his performance and if I was in the opposite box, Icardi could not be stopped, he was deadly,” Spalletti said, quoted from Four Four Two.

Nevertheless, the bald headed coach confirmed, Icardi not perfect as an Inter Milan predator. According to Spalletti, there are still many things that Icardi needs to be the most dangerous predator in Europe.

Not perfect

“There’s still room to fix, I want him to join more team games, he’s got a lot of compliments, but the other players are playing well,” he said.

“Icardi can do a lot of teams for the team, he works as well as we need, but we have to work hard to find team potential, we have to work as a group,” Spalletti said.

On Tuesday (19/09/2017) or Wednesday morning pm, Icardi again become the mainstay of Inter Milan in the face of Bologna at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara in Serie A.

AFF U-18 Semifinal Results, Indonesia Lose Penalty Shootout from Thailand

AFF U-18 Semifinal Results, Indonesia Lose Penalty Shootout from Thailand

Indonesia U-19 national team must recognize the benefits of Thailand in a penalty shootout in the party semi-final AFF U-18 Cup 2017 at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Friday (15/09/2017) Baccarat Online.

Playing a 0-0 draw in normal time, overall, Indonesia lost 2-3 in a penalty shootout.

In this fight, Indonesia must play with 10 players since the end of the first half. It happened because Saddil Ramdani got a red card after engaging an incident by elbowing a Thai player.

Upon this result, Indonesia failed to step into the final of AFF Cup U-18.

At the start of the match, both teams try to build the attack and grab the ball.

In the second minute, Indonesia got a chance via Rafli Mursalim. Receiving direct long-range feed, Rafli escaped the offside trap, but the Thai goalkeeper came forward and managed to anticipate the ball.

After that, Garuda Nusantara, nicknamed U-19 national team Indonesia, got a golden opportunity and the first kick towards the goal.

Receiving a breakthrough feed from the middle and escaping from opponents guard, Witan managed to control the ball and faced with the goalkeeper. However, Witan kick is still sideways on the side of Thai goalkeeper.

Thailand also tried to apply pressure. The left side of Indonesia’s defense continues to be attacked by opponents. Because of that, Firzha acceleration to help the attack has not been optimal.

Indra Sjafri troops again get a golden opportunity in the 24th minute. Starting from a counterattack, Egy managed to control and bring the ball almost from half the field.

He managed to outwit the Thai defender, but his shot can still be blocked opponent goalkeeper.

Witan has a chance to break the deadlock. Getting feedback from Firzha stomach, he did the kick first time, but his efforts can still be caught goalkeeper Kantaphat Marpati.

Thailand gets a chance with a direct kick from Panyawat, but leads right to Aqil.

Opportunities Thailand via dead ball or free kick was often dangerous Indonesia. Luckily, Yuthapichai failed to welcome the ball from a free kick in front of goal Aqil.

In the final minutes of the first half, Thailand got a chance through a corner kick, but Aqil managed to anticipate the ball.

Coach Indra Sjafri made the substitution of players ahead of the first round ended. Saddil Ramdani comes on for Feby. Had an incident between Saddil Ramdani with Thai players.

In the replay, Saddil looks elbowed Thai players. After discussions with the linesman, the referee gave a red card to Saddil Ramdani.

The first half ended with an equally strong score, 0-0.

In the second half, Rifad Marasabessy, accelerate into the defense box of Thailand. He fell, but the referee considers it not a violation.

Playing with 10 people, Garuda Nusantara back to pressure. Egy Maulana Vikri accelerates inside the opponent’s penalty box. He managed to outwit the Thai defender, but his kick was still denied by the Thai goalkeeper.

The Thai captain helped with the attack in a corner football situation. However, his header successfully secured Aqil.

In the 66th minute, there was chaos in front of goal Thailand, but Egy et al have not managed to take advantage of the situation.

After that, Thailand dominated possession. They locked up the defense raised by Rachmat Irianto et al.

In the 83rd minute, Aqil made a brilliant save. He managed to ward off a long-range kick from the Thai players.

Indonesia is not without opportunities. In the 85th minute, Hanis Saghara kicked right into the goal, but still blocked the opponent goalkeeper.

After that, the extra four minutes can not be used both teams to score goals. The second half ended 0-0. The game went into the shootout drama.

In the shootout drama, of the five Indonesian kickers, only Egy and Luthfi were successful in doing their job well. Meanwhile, the executions of Iqbal, Nurhidayat, and Rifad failed.

Meanwhile, of the four executors of Thailand, only one player who failed, the other three managed to penetrate the Aqil goal. The penalty shoot ended with a score of 2-3 for Thailand’s victory.

Upon this result, Indonesia failed to step into the final of AFF Cup U-18.

Composition of players:

Indonesia: 30-Muhammad Aqil Savik; 12-Rifad Marasabessy, 13-Rachmat Irianto, 5-Nurhidayat Haji Haris, 29-Firza Andika; 7-Muhammad Luthfi Kamal Baharsyah; 8-Witan Sulaiman, 17-Syahrian Abimanyu, 14-Feby Eka Putra; 10-Egy Maulana Vikri; 9-Muhammad Rafli.

Liverpool 0-5 defeat of Man City, Biggest defeat Klopp

Liverpool 0-5 defeat of Man City, Biggest defeat Klopp

Liverpool suffered a 0-5 defeat of Manchester City at Etihad Stadium on Saturday (09/09/2017).

Goals against goalkeeper Liverpool, Simon Mignolet, scored by Sergio Aguero (24 ‘), Gabriel Jesus (45’, 53 ‘), and Leroy Sane (77’, 90 ‘).

The Reds had a nightmare when they had to lose Sadio Mane in the 37th minute who got a red card after an incident involving a collision with Man City goalkeeper Ederson Moraes.

Playing with 10 players, Liverpool must swallow one of the biggest defeats against The Citizens.

Reported by BolaSport of the Mirror, here are seven facts Liverpool’s defeat over Manchester City:

1. Juergen Klopp’s greatest loss as Liverpool manager

Juergen Klopp’s biggest defeat before was defeated Watford 0-3 in the Premier League continued in December 2015.

2. One of Juergen Klopp’s biggest defeats as a manager

Klopp has never lost a five-goal margin for 11 years.

The last defeat with a margin of five goals was when he lost 1-6 to Werder Bremen in October 2006. Klopp was still menukangi FSV Mainz 05.

3. Klopp’s first away defeat against the top 7 Premier League last season

Earlier, in nine meetings, Klopp won five matches and four draws.

4. Margin five goals to be one of Liverpool’s biggest defeats in the Premier League

The defeat with Liverpool’s last five goal margin is when losing to Stoke City 1-6 in the 2014-2015 season.

5. Liverpool’s biggest defeat of Manchester City for 80 years

Man City scored five goals in one game against Liverpool for the first time since winning 5-1 in March 1937.

6. Liverpool did not have a single shot until 31 minutes of the match

Liverpool felt more unlucky when six minutes later, Sadio Mane should be expelled from the field.

7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain suffered two successive defeats in the last two Premier League games with a 0-9 aggregate.

The previous week, Chamberlain still uniformed Arsenal in losing to Liverpool 0-4.

Robertson Targets Regular Shows at Liverpool

Robertson Targets Regular Shows at Liverpool

Liverpool’s new left-back Andrew Robertson has stated that he hopes to get his playing minutes from the start of the weekend.

Since being brought in from Hull City this summer the Scottish national team retainer is a bit difficult to play regularly. Recorded from the beginning of three Premier League competition 2017-2018 the new player appeared once in a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace. While the other two games are only on the bench.

Where difficult to break through the main squad of the article Andrew also have to compete with Alberto Moreno and James Milner, but the 23-year-old player is determined to work hard in training sessions so that every week can be a starter and the player also admits Jurgen Klopp is a coach figure very good on and off the field.

Even Robertson also hope the weekend against Manchester City German tactics tactician provides an opportunity for him to play since the early minutes when lakoni away to Etihad stadium to fight Vincent Kompany Cs.

“It will be difficult to set a place in the krii defender but the coach has clearly made it pretty clear with the number of matches we have there going to be a rotation,” Andrew Robertson told the media.

“Even at this stage of the season, there are two or three changes for each match. You must be part of it, even if you do not want to sit in the stands.

“I think I played pretty good against Crystal Palace but then we I want to play in the Arsenal game for personal reasons.

“Young players look good, so it will be tough to get an early start but I will go to Manchester City and hopefully I will be in the mind of the coach.

“Jurgen Klopp is different from his class. He has been brilliant with me. ”

While in this season Klopp including a coach who is lucky the article has a good squad and if one player is injured then the coating can easily replace it.

Coach Persib Satisfied Win Great in Cage Opponent

Coach Persib Satisfied Win Great in Cage Opponent

Persib Bandung appear trengginas when membekuk host Sriwijaya FC 4-1 at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (4/9/2017) night Bandar Bola. The three-point result became Persib’s biggest away win during the League 1 event.

Even so, the positive incision has not been able to lift the position of Persib on the board standings. Because the day before, Mitra Kukar who are ranked one above Persib won 2-1 over Madura United.

Maung Bandung for a while still entrenched in the ninth position with a collection of 32 points. Nevertheless, coach while Persib, Emral Abus, satisfied with the performance of foster children who appear neat.

“We are from the team Persib feel very satisfied with the results of today’s game,” said Emral during the press conference session after the game as quoted by the official club website.

According to Emral, the victory is in accordance with the target to maintain a positive record Persib in the last five games.

“This is indeed the target that proclaimed. All players are determined to win the game this time,” said 58-year-old coach.

“The positive trends played against Arema FC, Persegres Gresik, Persipura Jayapura are finally sweet here, not just victory, but victory with a very good and absolute goal,” Emral said.

Giroud: Premier League title opener still open

Giroud: Premier League title opener still open

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud admits he is still ambitious to win the Premier League title with the team.

The 30-year-old striker had an offer from Marseille, but he decided to stay at the Emirates Stadium, saying he was returning to France at the moment is not an option for him.

“I have decided to stay. This is my choice, though not everyone can understand it, “the Frenchman told reporters. “I still want to win the Premier League here.”

“I always say that going back to France is not an option for me. Especially in the near future. ”

“So I’m not in trouble with Marseille. Their project is very ambitious and interesting, but I do not specifically reject Marseille, I also get an offer from Lyon. ”

“I am honored to be pursued by the two great French clubs.”

Mane Satisfied After Conquering Arsenal

Mane Satisfied After Conquering Arsenal

Sadio Mane has described Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Arsenal over the weekend and is truly remarkable.

Great satisfaction, because the match that took place at Anfield’s The Reds from the first minute to the final minute of the game played very well. The result besides himself names like Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and also Daniel Sturridge managed to record his name on the scoreboard. Where with three points in the game then now let them occupy second place Premier League standings.

Although now foster children Jurgen Klopp in a big moment where from three matches managed to get perfect, but the retainer of the Senegal national team requested that his teammates continue to work hard in every game to achieve victory.

“I think we’ve played great football from start to finish. We have also made a lot of chances and the key to the game is we scored most of them, “Sadio Mane told the club’s official website.

“I honestly thought it was a big moment for us. It is always important to win it because it will make us confident in the squad and that’s how we feel right now. We will try to work hard and try to win the next game.

“I also have to say that I and other teammates have a special start with the team.

“I think it is very important for us to score goals because it gives us confidence to help other teams.

“We try and keep working hard and provide the best for the team all the time.”

After the game former Southampton player was also impressed when he was pulled out and replaced by Sturridge. Because the fans really give a standing ovation for him and Sadio is determined to continue to give the best for Liverpool.

“I do not know how to explain it and I do not know what kind of words in English, but for me it is special and I will always give the best.” Mane continued.

“Even on a cursed day, I will be on the field for the team.

“I am also happy to be here where to strengthen one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Pique Not Worrying about the Future of Messi

Pique Not Worrying about the Future of Messi

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique admits he is not worried about the future of Lionel Messi Agen Bola Terpercaya.

The Argentine star still has not pressed a contract extension with La Blaugrana, with the situation putting the future of the player into speculation.

Manchester City are reportedly ready to redeem La Pulga, with a transfer banner of 300 million euros, but the father of the player, Jorge Messi, denied reports that he held a meeting with sporting director City Txiki Begaristain.

But Pique does not seem to be worried about the rumors, and he believes the Messiah will remain in Catalan.

“Although he has not pressed a new contract, I’m not at all worried,” the Spanish defender told reporters. “I know him, I know how his personality is, and I know that he loves Barca very much.”

Agent: Zapata Still Sure In Serie A

Agent: Zapata Still Sure In Serie A

Duvan Zapata’s agent revealed that he will meet Napoli this week, and insisted that his client still wants to play in Italy.

The 26-year-old striker spent the last two seasons on loan with Udinese, but Zebrette could not afford it.

Players born in Colombia have been linked with a move to clubs like Sampdoria, Torino and Fiorentina, and will hold a meeting on his future this week.

“I will meet with the director of Napoli on Thursday,” said Fernando as agent at Radio Crc.

“Azzurri had asked for a high price for Duvan, but they have lowered the price. We will now attempt to lower the asking price further in order to find the best solution. ”

“There are some teams who have asked Napoli about the potential transfer of Zapata, where it comes from Italy and Europe, but certainly Duvan is still at home with his career in Serie A.”

Bryan Robson: Pilihan Pemain Jose Mourinho Sangat Tepat!

Bryan Robson: Pilihan Pemain Jose Mourinho Sangat Tepat!

Bryan Robson selaku mantan pemain Manchester United, tidak segan untuk memberikan pujiannya kepada Jose Mourinho, yang dianggap sukses mendatangkan pemain hebat.

Robson dari semua pemain yang sukses didatangkan oleh The Special One, tidak ada satu pemain pun yang bisa disebut sebagai transaksi gagal, semuanya terbukti bisa bersinar.

“Jose Mourinho memilih pemain dengan sangat baik, saya tidak menemukan kesalahan dengan semua pemain yang sudah sukses ia datangkan dari musim lalu dan musim ini,” Kata Robson.

“Dia memang bagus ketika ada pemain, bukan berdasarkan pemain hebat itu, pelan dia tahu pemain seperti apa yang cocok masuk kedalan skuatnya.”