Coach of Semen Padang Regret His Team Failed to Score Goal

Coach of Semen Padang Regret His Team Failed to Score Goal

Coach Semen Padang, Delvi Adri, regret his team failed to score against Persela Lamongan in advanced League 1, Sunday (15/10/2017). In fact, they have a number of opportunities.

Semen Padang lost 0-2 in a match that took place at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan. The opening goal produced Eka Ramdani in the second minute before Jose Coelho doubled it in the 51st minute.

“We did lose 0-2 but not no chance. We had a chance but failed. That’s football, some chances that should be a goal, not even a goal, either through Adi Nugroho, Tambun, and many more, “said Delvi, after the game.

Successor Nil Maizar is not dismissed, that his care team is constrained final settlement in the last few games. A record that makes the squad Semen Padang now has a deficit of 15 goals in the standings.

“If you want to be honest, it’s one of our problems so far, yet can maximize the opportunities that exist. Even in statistics, we minus 15 goals. That’s what the team coaches home about, “he said.

Delvi also did not forget to praise the appearance of his protege, who is considered to have tried hard to be able to offset the Persela squad.

“I still appreciate what the players have done Semen Padang and congratulations for Persela,” said Delvi.

Meanwhile, the captain of Semen Padang, Hengki Ardiles, added that in addition to the sharpness of the front row of Semen Padang, this defeat is also not separated from the lack of concentration of defense.

“Congratulations to Persela who has won this match. The game went well, but we still have a lot to fix, because we can not score goals, and the back line was also off guard, “said Hengki.

Spaso Canggung Back to Bandung as opposed to Persib

Spaso Canggung Back to Bandung as opposed to Persib

Bomber Bhayangkara FC, Ilija Spasojevic, can not hide his longing for Bandung. It’s been two years since Spaso left from Persib Bandung after the 2015 President Cup event last.

Now he returns to Bandung as an opponent. He has a big task to bring his team to steal points in the week-to-26 games Liga Persib counter at Starling Harupat Stadium, Bandung regency, Sunday (24/09/2017).

“I am happy to see the atmosphere in Bandung, many people who still know me are of course happy to come back but it is quite strange coming as opposed .. Tryapi I remain professional, I will try to give the best for the team,” said Spaso when found in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Saturday (9/23/2017).

He was also impressed with the warm welcome Persib supporters (bobotoh) associated presence in Bandung, although now he status as an opponent. Since breaking the contract with Melaka United, many bobotoh who asked him to re-join with Persib.

“I’m very grateful to the bobotoh I want to go back to, but we’ll see maybe someday, but for now I have to focus first on my team,” he said.

Spaso had time to save hope to go back to Bandung. However, he said, the club was never serious to repatriate it.

“Officially bid (from Persib) is not there, but if some teams have much interest, but the official offer from Persib is not there, Bhayangkara FC give an official offer, they know what they want, they want Spaso,” he said.

He also accepted the proposal Bhayangkara FC on the grounds, the team provides assurance of core position and strategy of attacking game that is considered beneficial as a striker.

“The vision and mission of his team are great, playing home or away we win and it’s good for me as a striker because they play attacking football and I’m very happy,” he said.

AFF U-18 Semifinal Results, Indonesia Lose Penalty Shootout from Thailand

AFF U-18 Semifinal Results, Indonesia Lose Penalty Shootout from Thailand

Indonesia U-19 national team must recognize the benefits of Thailand in a penalty shootout in the party semi-final AFF U-18 Cup 2017 at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Friday (15/09/2017) Baccarat Online.

Playing a 0-0 draw in normal time, overall, Indonesia lost 2-3 in a penalty shootout.

In this fight, Indonesia must play with 10 players since the end of the first half. It happened because Saddil Ramdani got a red card after engaging an incident by elbowing a Thai player.

Upon this result, Indonesia failed to step into the final of AFF Cup U-18.

At the start of the match, both teams try to build the attack and grab the ball.

In the second minute, Indonesia got a chance via Rafli Mursalim. Receiving direct long-range feed, Rafli escaped the offside trap, but the Thai goalkeeper came forward and managed to anticipate the ball.

After that, Garuda Nusantara, nicknamed U-19 national team Indonesia, got a golden opportunity and the first kick towards the goal.

Receiving a breakthrough feed from the middle and escaping from opponents guard, Witan managed to control the ball and faced with the goalkeeper. However, Witan kick is still sideways on the side of Thai goalkeeper.

Thailand also tried to apply pressure. The left side of Indonesia’s defense continues to be attacked by opponents. Because of that, Firzha acceleration to help the attack has not been optimal.

Indra Sjafri troops again get a golden opportunity in the 24th minute. Starting from a counterattack, Egy managed to control and bring the ball almost from half the field.

He managed to outwit the Thai defender, but his shot can still be blocked opponent goalkeeper.

Witan has a chance to break the deadlock. Getting feedback from Firzha stomach, he did the kick first time, but his efforts can still be caught goalkeeper Kantaphat Marpati.

Thailand gets a chance with a direct kick from Panyawat, but leads right to Aqil.

Opportunities Thailand via dead ball or free kick was often dangerous Indonesia. Luckily, Yuthapichai failed to welcome the ball from a free kick in front of goal Aqil.

In the final minutes of the first half, Thailand got a chance through a corner kick, but Aqil managed to anticipate the ball.

Coach Indra Sjafri made the substitution of players ahead of the first round ended. Saddil Ramdani comes on for Feby. Had an incident between Saddil Ramdani with Thai players.

In the replay, Saddil looks elbowed Thai players. After discussions with the linesman, the referee gave a red card to Saddil Ramdani.

The first half ended with an equally strong score, 0-0.

In the second half, Rifad Marasabessy, accelerate into the defense box of Thailand. He fell, but the referee considers it not a violation.

Playing with 10 people, Garuda Nusantara back to pressure. Egy Maulana Vikri accelerates inside the opponent’s penalty box. He managed to outwit the Thai defender, but his kick was still denied by the Thai goalkeeper.

The Thai captain helped with the attack in a corner football situation. However, his header successfully secured Aqil.

In the 66th minute, there was chaos in front of goal Thailand, but Egy et al have not managed to take advantage of the situation.

After that, Thailand dominated possession. They locked up the defense raised by Rachmat Irianto et al.

In the 83rd minute, Aqil made a brilliant save. He managed to ward off a long-range kick from the Thai players.

Indonesia is not without opportunities. In the 85th minute, Hanis Saghara kicked right into the goal, but still blocked the opponent goalkeeper.

After that, the extra four minutes can not be used both teams to score goals. The second half ended 0-0. The game went into the shootout drama.

In the shootout drama, of the five Indonesian kickers, only Egy and Luthfi were successful in doing their job well. Meanwhile, the executions of Iqbal, Nurhidayat, and Rifad failed.

Meanwhile, of the four executors of Thailand, only one player who failed, the other three managed to penetrate the Aqil goal. The penalty shoot ended with a score of 2-3 for Thailand’s victory.

Upon this result, Indonesia failed to step into the final of AFF Cup U-18.

Composition of players:

Indonesia: 30-Muhammad Aqil Savik; 12-Rifad Marasabessy, 13-Rachmat Irianto, 5-Nurhidayat Haji Haris, 29-Firza Andika; 7-Muhammad Luthfi Kamal Baharsyah; 8-Witan Sulaiman, 17-Syahrian Abimanyu, 14-Feby Eka Putra; 10-Egy Maulana Vikri; 9-Muhammad Rafli.

Coach Persib Satisfied Win Great in Cage Opponent

Coach Persib Satisfied Win Great in Cage Opponent

Persib Bandung appear trengginas when membekuk host Sriwijaya FC 4-1 at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (4/9/2017) night Bandar Bola. The three-point result became Persib’s biggest away win during the League 1 event.

Even so, the positive incision has not been able to lift the position of Persib on the board standings. Because the day before, Mitra Kukar who are ranked one above Persib won 2-1 over Madura United.

Maung Bandung for a while still entrenched in the ninth position with a collection of 32 points. Nevertheless, coach while Persib, Emral Abus, satisfied with the performance of foster children who appear neat.

“We are from the team Persib feel very satisfied with the results of today’s game,” said Emral during the press conference session after the game as quoted by the official club website.

According to Emral, the victory is in accordance with the target to maintain a positive record Persib in the last five games.

“This is indeed the target that proclaimed. All players are determined to win the game this time,” said 58-year-old coach.

“The positive trends played against Arema FC, Persegres Gresik, Persipura Jayapura are finally sweet here, not just victory, but victory with a very good and absolute goal,” Emral said.

Supporters Persib Killed, PSSI Prepare Special Division Supporters

Supporters Persib Killed, PSSI Prepare Special Division Supporters

Secretary General of PSSI Queen Tisha Destria, also condolences over the death of Persib Bandung supporter Ricko Andrean, Thursday (07/27/2017). Ricko last breath after undergoing intensive treatment at Santo Yusuf Hospital, Bandung.

The 22-year-old became a victim of a ferocious battle of Bobotoh during Persib Bandung Vs Persija Jakarta at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA), Bandung on Saturday (22/7). As a result of this incident, Ricko suffered a concussion.

After being treated, Ricko died at 10.15 this afternoon. “I personally and at the same time represent the PSSI is very concerned about the incident that occurred.Ib hopefully such a case does not happen again,” said Tisha as quoted from the official page PSSI.

Tisha added, PSSI promised to prepare a special division in charge of approaching the supporters to the football community. Because according to him, the problem of the 12th player in football is never finished.

Gresik United Trying to Steal Points at TNI Army Headquarters

Gresik United Trying to Steal Points at TNI Army Headquarters

Persegres Gresik United will take advantage of the poor record of PS TNI who never won in the last three home games Manfaat Buah Sawo. Skuat Hanafi concoction hopes to achieve full points when a visit to PS PSI cage in the 15th week of League 1 at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor, Tuesday (18/07/2017).

Of the last three home games, PS TNI only one draw and two defeat. Finally, Ivan Kolev’s army surrendered 1-2 from Sriwijaya FC at Gelora Stadium Sriwijaya Jakabaring, Palembang, Friday (14/7/2017) then.

“Because we are in a slump, hopefully we can take three points,” Hanafi told in Bogor.

However, Hanafi remains wary of the game host. Moreover, PS TNI play in the cage which of course the spirit of the players will be doubled.

“They are also in a good position in the standings, we are wary of all the lines of this team that we have prepared all in the training,” said Hanafi.

Hanafi acknowledged, he prepares anticipation to dampen Manahati Lestusen and his friends. He called Gresik United ready to face PS TNI. “Although we are in position 17, but all this time the kids always play well,” he said.

The counter match of Arema FC is clear proof. Despite a thin 2-3 defeat, Gresik United look good. In fact, they lead twice.

“They played superbly against Arema, we lost because there was an incident that happened to goalkeeper Aji Saka.We were already 2-1 ahead, that’s us,” said Hanafi.

Meanwhile, Gresik United player, David Faristian confirmed that his team is ready for this match. “We will show the best according to the coach team’s instruction so we will do our best to win points at Pakansari.”

Arema Victory Hero Have a Call for Aremania

Arema Victory Hero Have a Call for Aremania
Winger Arema FC, Dendi Santoso, expect fans or Aremania to come more in the next game Agen Resmi Sbobet. It was delivered Dendi after delivering Arema 3-2 win over Sriwijaya FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Friday (7/7/2017).

Dendi scored two of Arso’s three-goal winning squad, Arema’s nickname.

“Alhamdulillah, today Arema is given a victory, the championship opportunity is still there because of the distance between the first rank thinner.I am also very grateful to score two goals.This is thanks to friends,” said Dendi Santoso.

Arema FC victory brings a lot of influence on the position in the league standings 1. Position Dendi et al up to fourth with 22 points.

They are one point behind the standings, PSM Makassar, who grabbed 23 points, although the club’s competitors have only played 12 times.

On the other hand, the victory, according to Dendi, can also have an impact on the enthusiasm of Aremania who attended directly to the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

“I think the struggle on the pitch is quite loud, the singing aremania make more spirit, maybe in the next match many come,” he said.

Dendi also felt finding his best form of play. What’s more, in the last few games, he just got a chance as a substitute.

What goal scoring is the way Dendi stole the attention of coach Aji Santoso in order to get a chance to play?

“The important thing for me is to practice seriously, play or not play is up to the coach,” said husband Vivi Santoso this.

PSSI Reveals 2 Reasons to Move TC Timnas Indonesia to Bali

PSSI Reveals 2 Reasons to Move TC Timnas Indonesia to Bali PSSI Chairman, Eddy Rahmayadi, visited the training camp Indonesia U-22 and U-19 national team in Bali, Thursday (6/7/2017). The man who is also the Pangkostrad even took time to play with the national team in the Field I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar, Bali.

Edy Rahmayadi came to give support for the players who will perform in various championships. Indonesia U-16 national team plans to depart first to the AFF U-15 Cup which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, starting July 7 next.

After that, turn the U-19 national team that followed to Thailand to follow AFF Cup U-18, September. While the senior Indonesian national team will play in the U-23 Asian Cup qualifying round which will take place Thailand, July 2017.

To reporters, Edy said, his side deliberately move the training camp concentration to the Island of the Gods. According to him, the move was taken to reward Bali United who has contributed four players to the national team.

“TC is one of them to give appreciation to Bali United because their four players are called Luis Milla so we carry out the training camp here, both of them have long practice there must be refreshing as well,” said Edy Rahmayadi.

Edy Rahmayadi also hopes Indonesia U-19 national team capable of winning the AFF Cup U-18. Therefore, the chances of Indonesia to the U-20 World Cup will be wide open.

“If Indonesia gets into the top four automatically qualify for the U-20 World Cup,” said Edy, Thursday (6/7/2017). “They are in the best position both in skill and spirit.We keep pumping in order to provide the best at the moment , “Said Edy Rahmayadi.